I always imagined American Revolution as victorious & heroic feat. In fact it is, but I never comprehend the atrocities, agony, betrayals and human infliction that they have gone through.
In my mind, Washington was always the “The Great General”, the lord of the pantheon. I had forgotten that he was still a mortal. Here, McCullough reveals us that he is human. Time and again he was indecisive and committed grave mistakes. 1776 unfolds the soul of Washigton and the men who fought with him. As Thomas Pain rightly called out, “These are the times that try men's souls”. Indeed soul of entire nation and of course outcome is nothing short of a miracle!

David McCullough has unfolded the story of 1776, in more vivid but with more sense. He is the best historical storyteller that I have come across.

Inspiration and Aspirations and a Singing Pond!

Battered by viral flu, laying on the bed for last few days, excruciating pain on every inch of flesh, I needed an inspiration. Handful of drugs, trembling fingers, sleepless nights and with fatigue,I was scratching the bottom of my soul. A family doctor, who reminds gruesome reality of life with Buddhist philosophy. A cell phone which rings constantly. A "ding" in whatsapp, which reminds me the accountability of cooperate life. I was totally down and seeking inspiration, to get up and to be positive.
  Where can I gain that  inspiration ? "Story of Real Man - Polevoi" or from "How the steel was tempered - Ostrovsky", or from "Old man and the sea - Hemingway". I was down, down to the bottom. Where can I find that spark ? Sun is up and shining. Another ding from mobile and another skim through FB, There you go ! A good friend has watched a movie and posted a comment. ... Movie is out of cinema. I have seen the trailer and billboards,but the cooper…

Gone with the Wind!

Life is a deep river, where one cannot see the bottom, but do we live it or do we let it flow. It is a question that you should raise once in a while. Day by day and year by year time passes by, we fought every day to earn the daily bread. But do we really live it? Being in post , post modern world, where capitalist culture govern every sigh of life, it is a question to be raised once in a while. Do I live the life, which I ought to live or do I live a life to the notes of capitalist symphony? Ohh again the mobile rings .. Has something gone down ...ohh is it a message of failure? ... Do I live the life?
 Sun rises and it sets, how many times have I witnessed the wonder of the day.. It slips through, and we have become busy beavers. Do I care about it? ... is it gone with the wind? where are those tenderest moments in life ?..  Have I trapped in a matrix, earning daily bread and living the life of a capitalist? Ohh the Love is gone, Do I really care ....? Watched a wonderful Movie .. …

Reading is a habit...

Reading is a habit. One should cultuvate it throughout his life. If one is not having that, he will be missing one of the greatest pleasures in life.
But in the contemporary life, we are over loaded with information. Vedio, audio, streaming , googling all take our mind away from this ancient habit. Besides, the fight with time and fight for daily bread takes our breath away.
Me too, is a victim of this social phenomena. I have racks of books at home and in my kindle, varying from fantacy to reality, religion to science, art to music, history to post post modernity.
  Ohhh.. I dearly miss the god of time. However the habit follows finds time for me ..I push through it.."one has cultivated the habit of reading, enjoys the greatest pleasures in his life..."
Here is the latest addition to my treasure trove.."Indus" ..."Magadha".. let me endulge the pleasure of going through your glory, through the eyes of your sons and duaghters..

Oh.. I wonder the very meaning of "Life"!

A full moon day, A long weekend, and a tiering day Home with no one, and life without respite love without a love and life shrouded by duties.  Oh.. I wonder the very meaning of "Life"!
Shinning Sun, glittering moon, but, do I see? Glamorous heaven laughs at me, with the power of LED Oh miles away, my heart is at sleep  I wonder the very meaning of  "Life", in the cold of this night.
          "Sorry I do not know any poetic meter"

Floods, Landslides, Tragedy and Mocking Faith – One Short Film

We are in the very midst of most stupendous natural calamities. Floods, Landslides, a small scale storm, a fear of hurricane and for some fear of earth quake. Some couldn’t find a safe shelter to spend a night. Shops are closed, offices are getting emptied, and streets flooded with vehicles as if all want to go home before the apocalypse.               In this short film, I see the beacon of hope and notion of one country. We as Sri Lankans getting together and lending hand to solace the suffering. From every corner of the society, pledges are coming for donations, groups get together and collections are going strong, which is indeed a necessity of the hour. True Sri Lankan spirit is rising to the occasion, all have forgotten their ethnicity, religion and social inequalities.               However, there is another side of the coin as well. I was listening to a radio channel on my way home. They have started a donation campaign with the support of two multinational co…

They all fought for their Motherland!

Everyday I pass by the solemn war memorial at parliament ground, which was erected for those fallen men during 30 year old civil war of this nation. I have walked down the alleys of that war memorial to pay the tribute to those men who fell in the battle fighting gallantly. I hardly could read their names, every time my eyes get blurred.  21000+ soldiers fought that bloody, horrendous battle for their motherland for nearly 30 years. In the times of uncertainty, those fallen men shouldered a better future for me, a secured future for me and for all of us. Their agony and the pain brought peace for us. Estimated 80,000 lives have gone with the wind in both sides. Nothings forgotten Nothings will ever forgotten!                 Men from other side (27000+), they too battled for their ideology. They too gave their heart and soul for a value system which they thought that was right. After all they are also fellow Sri Lankans.                  There are mothers, fathers, brothers, lovers, s…