They all fought for their Motherland!

Everyday I pass by the solemn war memorial at parliament ground, which was erected for those fallen men during 30 year old civil war of this nation. I have walked down the alleys of that war memorial to pay the tribute to those men who fell in the battle fighting gallantly. I hardly could read their names, every time my eyes get blurred.  21000+ soldiers fought that bloody, horrendous battle for their motherland for nearly 30 years. In the times of uncertainty, those fallen men shouldered a better future for me, a secured future for me and for all of us. Their agony and the pain brought peace for us. Estimated 80,000 lives have gone with the wind in both sides. Nothings forgotten Nothings will ever forgotten!
                Men from other side (27000+), they too battled for their ideology. They too gave their heart and soul for a value system which they thought that was right. After all they are also fellow Sri Lankans.
                 There are mothers, fathers, brothers, lovers, sons and daughters in both sides weeping even at this hour. Has anyone of us won the war? No, but surely we both finished the war. Only time will heal the wounds of our souls. While commemorating those fallen men, let’s rally around to build this nation. A nation with a notion of one country, and that all men are created equal. Neither ethnicity nor the class should have difference under this flag. We all are Sri Lankans!


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