Floods, Landslides, Tragedy and Mocking Faith – One Short Film

              We are in the very midst of most stupendous natural calamities. Floods, Landslides, a small scale storm, a fear of hurricane and for some fear of earth quake. Some couldn’t find a safe shelter to spend a night. Shops are closed, offices are getting emptied, and streets flooded with vehicles as if all want to go home before the apocalypse.
              In this short film, I see the beacon of hope and notion of one country. We as Sri Lankans getting together and lending hand to solace the suffering. From every corner of the society, pledges are coming for donations, groups get together and collections are going strong, which is indeed a necessity of the hour. True Sri Lankan spirit is rising to the occasion, all have forgotten their ethnicity, religion and social inequalities.
              However, there is another side of the coin as well. I was listening to a radio channel on my way home. They have started a donation campaign with the support of two multinational companies. It was a pledge for public support, but under the surface current I sensed the arms of capitalism. A disaster has turned out to be a marketing campaign. In another media, I witnessed prominent student union of a socialist party handing over donations dressed up with their landmark T-shirts and Hats.

               A mocking faith, Adam Smith and Karl Marx both cherish from lamenting hearts of suffering!


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