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Inspiration and Aspirations and a Singing Pond!

Battered by viral flu, laying on the bed for last few days, excruciating pain on every inch of flesh, I needed an inspiration. Handful of drugs, trembling fingers, sleepless nights and with fatigue,I was scratching the bottom of my soul. A family doctor, who reminds gruesome reality of life with Buddhist philosophy. A cell phone which rings constantly. A "ding" in whatsapp, which reminds me the accountability of cooperate life. I was totally down and seeking inspiration, to get up and to be positive.
  Where can I gain that  inspiration ? "Story of Real Man - Polevoi" or from "How the steel was tempered - Ostrovsky", or from "Old man and the sea - Hemingway". I was down, down to the bottom. Where can I find that spark ? Sun is up and shining. Another ding from mobile and another skim through FB, There you go ! A good friend has watched a movie and posted a comment. ... Movie is out of cinema. I have seen the trailer and billboards,but the cooper…