Reading is a habit...

Reading is a habit. One should cultuvate it throughout his life. If one is not having that, he will be missing one of the greatest pleasures in life.
But in the contemporary life, we are over loaded with information. Vedio, audio, streaming , googling all take our mind away from this ancient habit. Besides, the fight with time and fight for daily bread takes our breath away.
Me too, is a victim of this social phenomena. I have racks of books at home and in my kindle, varying from fantacy to reality, religion to science, art to music, history to post post modernity.
  Ohhh.. I dearly miss the god of time. However the habit follows finds time for me ..I push through it.."one has cultivated the habit of reading, enjoys the greatest pleasures in his life..."
Here is the latest addition to my treasure trove.."Indus" ..."Magadha".. let me endulge the pleasure of going through your glory, through the eyes of your sons and duaghters..


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