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Gone with the Wind!

Life is a deep river, where one cannot see the bottom, but do we live it or do we let it flow. It is a question that you should raise once in a while. Day by day and year by year time passes by, we fought every day to earn the daily bread. But do we really live it? Being in post , post modern world, where capitalist culture govern every sigh of life, it is a question to be raised once in a while. Do I live the life, which I ought to live or do I live a life to the notes of capitalist symphony? Ohh again the mobile rings .. Has something gone down ...ohh is it a message of failure? ... Do I live the life?
 Sun rises and it sets, how many times have I witnessed the wonder of the day.. It slips through, and we have become busy beavers. Do I care about it? ... is it gone with the wind? where are those tenderest moments in life ?..  Have I trapped in a matrix, earning daily bread and living the life of a capitalist? Ohh the Love is gone, Do I really care ....? Watched a wonderful Movie .. …